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Low Vision and Vision Loss

Low Vision and Vision Loss What can a person with low vision really see? That question is not an easy one to answer because every person with a visual impairment truly has a unique pattern of vision loss.  No two people have the same exact vision loss! Macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and congenital eye disease, among the hundreds of other conditions that can cause us to lose some of …Read More

See Well, Learn Well: Prevent Blindness Fundraiser, Detecting Vision Related Learning Problems

Petrou Eye Care and Prevent Blindness Wisconsin successfully joined efforts this week to raise vision awareness at Swing for Sight.  This year’s annual fundraiser was held on June 2, at Mequon’s Ozaukee Country Club with over one hundred golfers in attendance.   Please join Petrou Eye Care in their support of Prevent Blindness by generously donating to this worthy cause.  Without Prevent Blindness, many school children would be without proper …Read More

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