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Low Vision and Vision Loss

Low Vision and Vision Loss What can a person with low vision really see? That question is not an easy one to answer because every person with a visual impairment truly has a unique pattern of vision loss.  No two people have the same exact vision loss! Macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and congenital eye disease, among the hundreds of other conditions that can cause us to lose some of …Read More

Smartphone Apps for Eye Care

Smartphone Apps for Eye Care – Milwaukee, WI   Smartphone apps technology is quickly becoming a big part of our everyday lives, and it seems as though there is an app for everything, including eye care!  Whether you own a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, apps that help you keep track of your healthcare needs can be extremely beneficial.  Below are descriptions of a few apps that can make your life …Read More

Telescopic contact lens for vision loss

Soon to enter into clinical trials is an innovative system of magnification for people with vision loss. The telescope would be worn on the eye as a contact lens and coupled with special smart glasses, is touted to magnify up to 2.8x. The magnifying contact lens and eyewear telescopic device combination is said to focus by distinguishing between winks and blinks, and recently unveiled by Swiss optics specialist Eric Tremblay. …Read More

CVS Pharmacy Now Offers “Talking” Prescription Labels Through its Online Pharmacy for Individuals with Vision Impairments

As reported in the Spring 2014 Low Vision Resource Center Newsletter by Dr. Hoang, CVS Pharmacy now provides ScripTalk talking prescription labels for prescriptions ordered for home delivery through its online pharmacy, CVS.com. The ScripTalk labels provide a safe and convenient way to access information on prescription labels for individuals who cannot read standard print. The ScripTalk labels are free to CVS.com pharmacy customers who are blind or visually impaired. …Read More

Choosing the right computer for vision impaired individuals

American Foundation for the Blind and Visionaware.org have posted a nice online review by Steve Kellye on some important basics in choosing the right computer for yourself, or for a loved one with loss of vision. They recommend careful evaluation of the most helpful accessibility features.  Although individuals will vary on what works best for them, the consensus is that some degree of both text-to-voice (also known as screen reader) …Read More

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