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Remember to Schedule Your Appointment Before the End of December!

Remember to schedule your appointment before the end of December for your eye exam, glasses or contacts… Insurance benefits will be resetting soon! Now is a good time to schedule an appointment to maximize your insurance benefits and use any remaining flex or HSA account dollars!  Appointments may be scheduled with: Dr. Christina Petrou for a detailed exam and vision consultative evaluation for glasses or contact lenses One of our fabulous …Read More

Telescopic contact lens for vision loss

Soon to enter into clinical trials is an innovative system of magnification for people with vision loss. The telescope would be worn on the eye as a contact lens and coupled with special smart glasses, is touted to magnify up to 2.8x. The magnifying contact lens and eyewear telescopic device combination is said to focus by distinguishing between winks and blinks, and recently unveiled by Swiss optics specialist Eric Tremblay. …Read More

Fibromyalgia and Dry Eye Syndrome

Recent advances in understanding fibromyalgia have shed light on it’s complex interplay of neurochemical and genetic influences, triggered by conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and irritable bowel syndrome, and associated with other symptoms of fatigue, pain, sleep and mood disturbances.  Eye problems such as dry eye syndrome, eye irritation or redness, and contact lens intolerance are commonly diagnosed in more women than men with fibromyalgia.  Complaints of pink eye …Read More

Wearing the Proper Eye Protection Can Help Prevent Injury

Wearing the Proper Eye Protection While Playing Sports Today Can Help Prevent Injury, Save Sight for Years to Come Every year, thousands of Americans suffer an eye injury related to playing sports, according to new data from Prevent Blindness.  To help educate the public on the importance of proper eye protection while playing sports, Prevent Blindness Wisconsin has declared September as Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month. Learn more

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