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Smartphone Apps for Eye Care

Smartphone Apps for Eye Care – Milwaukee, WI


Smartphone apps technology is quickly becoming a big part of our everyday lives, and it seems as though there is an app for everything, including eye care!  Whether you own a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, apps that help you keep track of your healthcare needs can be extremely beneficial.  Below are descriptions of a few apps that can make your life easier.  


Mag Light App

Mag Light App

Name: Mag Light

Cost: Free

This app is a very simple (although, very useful) magnifying glass with a light.  It operates through the device’s camera and LED light.  The user can view small objects or words with up to 5.0x magnification and can alter the light brightness.  A Pro version is available for $1.99 and offers a feature to freeze the frame, an option that is particularly useful for those with unsteady hands.  The Pro version also has a built-in photo album and allows the user to change the contrast of the image.

Amsler Grid

Amsler Grid Home Eye Test

Name: EyeCare – Amsler Grid Eye Test

Cost: Free

This simple app walks the user through an Amsler Grid test.  The Amsler Grid is a diagnostic tool used to detect visual disturbances caused by changes in the retina, particularly the macula, an area that is altered in a patient with macular degeneration.  The user follows step-by-step instructions in completing the test.  If defects are present on the grid, the user can use their finger to outline the defects’ locations.  The app also connects to the device’s photo album so the test and noted defects in the grid can be saved and reviewed with an optometrist or ophthalmologist.  


Name: LookTel Money Reader

LookTel Money Reader

LookTel Money Reader

Cost: $9.99

This app is useful for the visually impaired who need assistance in determining the denominations of money.  Just wave the device’s camera over the bill and the app will announce the denomination (both the numerical amount and the type of currency such as dollars or euros).  It will also display the amount in large, high-contrast font on the screen.  


These are only a few of the great apps that are available for eye care.  Some are available for both Android and iPhone, so check your operating system for availability.  They can be beneficial to a wide variety of people, and can make your life a bit easier.  As the market continues to develop, be on the lookout for many more to come!

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