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Shades of Summer Sunglass Sale Through June 30

Petrou Eye Care’s annual Shades of Summer Sunglass Sale is going on

now through June 30!  

Up to 50% off our most popular frame lines

Shades of Summer Sale (website) v1 copy

Stop in to see our hottest picks for the sun.  All sunglasses are on sale for a limited time:

  • Prescription and non-prescription
  • Every pair of sunglasses in every price range
  • Up to 50% off our most popular frame lines
  • Impact resistant frames and lens options for sports
  • Driving glasses to reduce road and sun glare
  • Boating and motor cycle sunglasses to protect from wind and UV light
  • Walking/ hiking sun wear to keep out the elements
  • Biking/running wrap sports glasses to allow better side vision

UV light damage is cumulative over your life and it’s never too late to block out those harmful UV light from entering your eyes!  Many eye diseases are directly linked to UV exposure.  Ask your eye doctor if you are at risk and how you can best protect your eyes.

Sunglasses are the best sunscreen for your eyes.

Protect your peepers from UV radiation and see the world without glare.



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