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Long Eyelashes Can Prevent the Eye from Drying Out

The function of eyelashes may primarily be to help protect eyes from drying out, according to new research.  The length of our lashes, and the lashes of 22 other animal species studied at the American Museum of Natural History, have been found to have some interesting similarities.

Can you identify this animal?  If you guessed horse, you're right!

Can you identify this animal? If you guessed horse, you’re right!

As it turns out, eyelashes among the species evaluated have lashes that are always about one-third as long as the eye is wide.  Researchers say that this not by chance, but for a good reason.  Eyelashes of that length are an ideal design to prevent tear evaporation, thus protecting the eye from dryness and diverting airflow away from the eyes.  Lash length has secondary benefits of catching small particles in the air preventing them from landing on the surface of the eye.

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