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Join Us in Supporting Local Charities and Businesses

Milwaukee, WI-  Although anyone can purchase, donate, and invest through the endless options in the online global marketplace, Petrou Eye Care strives to support local charities and local businesses.  Our office is part of this community and a force for positive action.  By shopping local, you can show your support for your community, charities, and for the businesses you love.

Petrou Eye Care is committed to giving back to the community we love in many ways:

  • Collecting, cleaning, and cataloging gently used eyewear for Lion’s Club International
  • Donating new protective eye wear for kids and adults sports programs and events
  • Providing free eye care and diabetic eye exams to those in need
  • Volunteering our time to help less fortunate friends and neighbors

And by offering annual financial support or eye wear to local organizations including:

  • Prevent Blindness Wisconsin
  • Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
  • Women’s Soccer Club of Wisconsin / Women’s Charities, Inc
  • Walker’s Point Community Clinic

Join us in support of this great city we live in!  Shop local.  Support local.  Everybody wins!


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