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Incidence of Melanoma Has Doubled Since the 1970’s

According to the CDC and a recent oncology report, the incidence of an aggressive skin cancer known as melanoma has doubled since 1970’s in the US for children and adults.  And melanoma is on track to remain high, unless Americans take precautions to protect themselves from exposure to UV radiation.

Dr. Lisa Richardson, the Director of the CDC’s Division of Cancer Prevention & Control said “If we take action now, we can prevent hundreds of thousands of new cases of skin cancers, including melanoma, and save billions of dollars in medical costs.”

Our advice for kids of all ages and for adults when outdoors: remember to wear your 100% UV protective sunglasses for your eyes, sunscreen for your skin, and a hat with a brim or visor for your head, neck, and ears.

Ultraviolet light is cumulative over our lifetime, and speed up the process of cataracts, macular degeneration, eyelid tumors, pinguecula, pterygium, and other eye diseases and conditions of the delicate tissue surrounding the eyes.


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