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Dr. Petrou’s Commitment to Patient Care

Doctor Christina Petrou expands professional knowledge by attending the Wisconsin Optometric Association’s 2014 Convention and Annual Meeting.

Showing true dedication to continued education, Dr. Christina Petrou Haefs of Petrou Eye Care in Glendale recently attended the 2014 Wisconsin Optometric Association (WOA) Annual Convention and Meeting held on September 25-28. The event took place in Middleton, Wisconsin, attracting nearly 300 eye care professionals from Wisconsin and across the United States.

“Keeping current on optometric education is crucial to maintaining the quality care Wisconsin optometrists provide to their patients,” explained Dr. Petrou. “The Wisconsin Optometric Association has been providing such first-class education to its members for 114 years.”

Doctors had the opportunity to complete up to 22 hours of Wisconsin Optometry Examining Board (OEB)- approved continuing education delivered by a stellar lineup of professional speakers, including: WOA Third Party Director and PMI, LLC owner Dr. Charles Brownlow; UW-Madison Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences Dr. Gregg Heatley; RevolutionEHR CEO and WOA Past President Dr. Scott Jens; Eye Care Center, Fridley, Maplewood, and Maple Grove, Minnesota Dr. Jordan Keith; UAB Professor of Optometry Dr. Leo Semes, Ophthalmic Consultants of Connecticut Co-Founder Dr. Jim Thimons, and Appleton optometrist and traumatic brain injury (TMI) specialist Dr. Linda Dejmek.

Dr. Petrou attended courses on topics such as glaucoma, anterior segment disease, posterior segment disease, systemic disease, practice management, neuro-optometry, oral pharmaceuticals, TMI, and general optometry. In addition, Dr. Petrou attended exhibit hall open house sessions and communicated with the event’s 60-plus exhibitors and 100-plus industry representatives in attendance in regards to the latest information, technology, and treatments available today.

“After attending outstanding lectures and networking with the top professionals in eye care, I am confident I can offer the best in vision and eye health to my patients,” affirmed Dr. Petrou. “Such certainty in one’s profession is invaluable.”

Continuing education is an important requirement for Wisconsin doctors of optometry to attain re-licensure, and such education is instrumental in maintaining the highest quality of vision and eye health care available to Wisconsin’s citizens. Wisconsin optometrists are required to complete 30 credit hours of continuing education every two years.

“The services we provide to our patients each day as doctors are rewarding and fulfilling,” acknowledged Dr. Petrou. “It’s an honor to be a part of the optometric profession and to serve with such a dedicated group of people.”

About the Wisconsin Optometric Association

The Wisconsin Optometric Association (WOA) is a nonprofit affiliation of licensed doctors of optometry and associated businesses dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the vision welfare of the people of Wisconsin. The WOA accomplishes its goals through: education and dissemination of information, organized governmental activity, legislation and regulation, mediation with consumer and public interest groups, and provision of collective benefits to its members. Approximately 640 doctors of optometry are currently members of the WOA, located in nearly every county in the state. All members must be certified and licensed to practice optometry by the State of Wisconsin. For more information, visit WOA’s website at www.woa-eyes.org.


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