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About Us

Our Mission – To help our patients experience life with great vision.

tina-andriaWe do this by providing extraordinary patient care – one person at a time. We enhance our patients’ quality of life by utilizing only the best lens designs, materials, contact lenses, and technology in eyewear and in eye exam techniques to manage and maintain our patient’s eye health for life.

Here’s more on how we do it:

tina-portrait-webOur Doctor
 – Wellness is her top priority. Dr. Christina Petrou strives to meet the visual needs of every patient with the long-term goal in mind of healthier eyes for a lifetime. She is committed to excellence in eye care, and is known for providing detailed and thorough examinations. She believes that great patient care begins with active listening, effective communication and education. Dr. Petrou works closely with, and refers to, other local eye specialists to ensure you receive the finest care in the area if you need surgery, visual therapy, or advanced medical eye care.

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Our Team
– You will enjoy being taken care of by our friendly team of optical professionals whose goal is to exceed your needs and make you happy. We want you to have the best experience possible, whether you’re here for a thorough and informative eye exam, or need help selecting fun new eyewear to invigorate your style. One of our team’s specialties is working with unique populations such as seeing children for exams and fitting them with eyewear after being referred by pediatric ophthalmologists, as well as people who have loss of vision (called low vision) sent by their medical eye doctors or retina surgeons.

2015-01-31_11-32-37To provide you with excellent vision and perfectly fit spectacles, our skilled opticians scour the globe looking for clearest lenses and the most innovative eyewear. In addition to attending the best continental showcase, New York’s International Vision Expo, our Milwaukee team meets with experts from all over the world to bring you the newest technology for eyes.

Our Patients – We love taking care of you! Because we want to know how we can make your experience better, we encourage you to fill out a survey after each annual exam. We read all of your comments and make changes to improve our service to you. The greatest compliment we receive is your referral of friends and family to us, and we sincerely thank you.

Our Specialty – We are known for integrating vision enhancements, whole body health, and eye care, because it’s all connected. Dr. Christina Petrou pays close attention to how your eyes function, and she is an expert at identifying causes of ocular discomfort and vision loss, whether due to binocular vision disorders, computer eyestrain, or eye disease. If you need glasses or contact lenses, she will prescribe specific lens systems for your vision requirements, and work with the Petrou Eye Care team of opticians to fit you with the best lens design for your eye condition.

8front-deskOur Office – When you enter Petrou Eye Care, you will feel a sense of relaxation, comfort and trust knowing that you will receive superior service and individualized patient care.

Our Community – Our office is part of this community and a force for positive action. Petrou Eye Care gives back to the community we love in many ways: donating eye wear, eye care, time, and financial support to local organizations including Prevent Blindness Wisconsin, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Women’s Soccer Club of Wisconsin / Women’s Charities, Inc, and Walker’s Point Community Clinic.

Our World – To support vision and eye care worldwide for people who cannot afford or obtain such care, Petrou Eye Care donates eyewear to Lion’s Club International. We clean, package and catalog glasses for distance, near, and sun protection to be crated and shipped on missions benefiting others in need, often to South and Central America.

Our Staff

christina-portrait-resizedCHRISTINA PETROU, O.D.

Dr. Christina Petrou welcomes you to visit Petrou Eye Care for your next comprehensive exam.  She and her team of professionals are committed to giving you the best customized services available, from the moment you walk in until your care is complete.  She guarantees excellence in medical optometry, contact lenses, low vision, and eyewear consultation.  Her office uses the latest technology for vision testing, diagnosis, and treatment.  Dr. Petrou is known for providing thorough examinations and detailed explanation of  her exam findings.  And, she enjoys seeing patients of all ages.  Wisconsin Board Certified since 1991 and trained in the latest medical eye care, she can help find solutions to your vision problems and concerns.  Great vision is her goal, and she believes that the best way to get there is with healthy eyes!

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Linda’s 27 years of optical experience shows in everything she does!  She is meticulous with every detail of quality eyewear and creative styling to help her patients look fabulous and see their best.  As a board certified optician, Linda’s refined skills create the perfect blend of understanding the technical aspects of modern optics with the classic art of fitting beautiful eyewear.  She is great at customizing glasses for you to drive, see your computer monitors, and have perfect vision for sports.  Have a challenging prescription? Ask Linda!  She enjoys the process of matching lifestyle needs to the latest lens technology so that you have super-thin lenses and the best  vision possible.  For her computer glasses, she loves her Shamir Office Lenses.  One of Linda’s favorite frame styles comes from the fun and colorful European Dutz Collection in a modified cat eye shape and earthy colors.  Her sunglasses are in a sporty Smith Optics black and crystal frame.



Say “Hello” to Andria next time you stop in!  You’ll love being greeted by her warm and friendly personality.  Her goal is to make you happy!  When it comes to eyewear styling and knowledge of lens selection, Andria is fantastic!  Her many years of experience in high quality optical products and customer service make her a joy to work with.  She is an expert at frame fitting and adjusting for adults and kids.  An added plus, her skill as a professional photographer and insightful color balancing bring a fresh perspective when helping you choose your new look.  You’ll see how she loves working with people of all ages, especially with children, and knows how to make everyone’s experience a fun one to remember.  Although she owns and wears over 30 pairs of glasses (wow!), Andria is a part-time contact lens wearer and her favorite contact lenses are Acuvue’s Vita monthly disposable.  When deciding which pairs of glasses to wear, Andria displays them for easy viewing in her Oyobox luxury eyewear organizer.


Brittany is all about making your visit to Petrou Eye Care smooth and pleasant.  She’s experienced in all areas of eye care and excels in helping you enjoy your time here.  Her talents run deep in that Brittany is skilled as a harp musician and is a student of business in Milwaukee.  The blending of her creativity and sensibility allow Brittany to assist you in meeting your needs of getting the best eye exam ever, finding the perfect eyewear, or in understanding how to maximize your health care and vision benefits.   Say “hello” to Brittany the next time you’re in the office, you’ll find her kindness and charm evident in all that she does!  


As our Administrative Assistant, Neeta is amazing at everything she does!  She has been with Petrou Eye Care since 2012, and you’ll see her in the office using her expertise to make sure things run smoothly every day with office flow, staff training, scheduling appointments, and processing your insurance claims.  She has extensive experience in fashion and design, customer service, business management, as well as a background in low vision rehabilitative devices.  Neeta had LASIK to correct her vision and no longer needs glasses to see at far distances.  When doing desk work, she wears computer glasses made with Shamir Office Workspace lenses in a beautiful vibrant red, and tortoise Etnia Barcelona plastic acetate frame.






We’d like to give a warm welcome to our newest team member, Rachel.  A graduate of Mt. Mary’s select fashion program, Rachel specialized in Fashion Apparel Product Development and doubles as a makeup artist for on site photography with some of Milwaukee’s finest high fashion photographers.  Rachel’s background in the arts make her one of our top frame stylists, while her 8 years of hospital and customer service at Columbia-St. Mary’s make her an asset in medical administration.  Her confidence and warm smile are sure to brighten your experience at your next eye exam or optical styling appointment.  Rachel wears a William Morris blue-black acetate to compliment her features. 






Cindy loves high-fashion and the eye wear collections at Petrou Eye Care’s boutique optical.  She has a special talent of creating the perfect image you’re looking for when choosing a new eyewear style.  Her passion is working with people in creative arts, modeling, acting, and singing as a soprano for Milwaukee’s own Florentine Opera Chorus.  She loves to help people look their best and see better than ever.  Cindy’s energy and fresh sense of style are contagious which is reflected publicly in the great work she does as our social media manager.  Cindy’s eyewear is a Blackfin titanium two-tone modified cat eye. 

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